Schlagwort: Motivation
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High Performance Work Systems: Overview and Discussion
High Performance Work Systems are generally considered to have a positive impact on workers' well-being. But is this actually the case? This article will discuss this question from the point of view (...)
How motivation really works
Motives push people to perceive, think and act in specific ways that attempt to satisfy needs. Motives often stay unconscious in a person, as the person doesn?t know exactly what they want, yet these (...)
Motivation, Knowledge Transfer, and Organizational Forms
Employees are motivated intrinsically as well as extrinsically. Intrinsic motivation is crucial when tacit knowledge in and between teams must be transferred. Organizational forms enable different (...)
There is no such person as an entrepreneur
Over the years a large number of personality traits have been explored and reported upon. Early work by McClelland in the 1960s postulated that the key to entrepreneurial behavior was the need for (...)