Fachbereich: Wirtschaftsphilosophie
Do Asian Management Paradigms Exist? A look at four theoretical frames.
Interest in Asian business and management practices developed during the Japanese business emergence in the 1980s. The rise of the Asian tigers in the early 1990s and the emergence of China and India (...)
Do Confucian Principled Businesses Exist in Asia?
Confucius was born with the name K?ung Ch?iu in the Lũ Kingdom of China in 551 BC, and was in later life called K?ung Fu-Tzu (Master Kung) by his followers. He is probably the most famous (...)
Knowledge, Understanding and the God Paradigm
The existence or non-existence of God has become an exercise in semantics. On one side we have the theologians espousing ?God? as the designer/creator of the universe and on the other side people (...)
One Man, Multiple Inventions: The lessons and legacies of Thomas Edison
Looking at entrepreneurship & innovation through biographies

There are so many different interactive forces impacting upon both the individual and the environment that (...)
Samsara and the Organization
A person?s perception continually ebbs and flows on a daily basis with changes in intelligence, knowledge and understanding, based on the type of emotions one feels and their individual strength, (...)
Zwischen Darwin und Hayek ? Illusionen und Hoffnungen
Liberalismus und Toleranz als Vorbedingungen einer civil society sind den Menschen nicht von Natur aus angeboren. Sie werden durch Erziehung und Prägung im Elternhaus, Schule und Gesellschaft (...)