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Geopolitics of Quantum Buddhism: Our Pre-Hydrocarbon Tao Future
No Breakthrough at the Rio+20 Summit
From Rio to Rio with Kyoto, Copenhagen and Durban in between, the conclusion remains the same: we fundamentally disagree on realities of this planet and the ways we can address them.

A decisive breakthrough would necessitate both wider contexts and a larger participatory base as to identify problems, to formulate policies, to broaden and synchronize our actions.

Luminaries from the world of science, philosophy, religion, culture and sports are invited too.

But, they ? as usual ? will stuff side-events panels, while only politics will make decisions. Who in politics is sincerely motivated for the long-range policies? This does not pay off politically as such policies are often too complex and too timeconsuming to survive the frequency and span of national elections as well as the taste or comprehension of the median voter. Our crisis is not environmental, financial or politico-economic. Deep and structural, this is a crisis of thought, of our ideas, all which runs us into a deep moral recession. Therefore, very little headway will be made at the Rio Summit.
Prof. Dr. Anis Bajrektarevic
Buddhism, Geopolitics, Hydrocarbon, Pre-Hydrocarbon