Autor: Prof. Dr. Anis Bajrektarevic
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Geopolitics of Technology and the Hydrocarbon Status Quo
Why does the Kyoto mechanism fail again? Is oil more than energy? Is this a construct that architectures the world currently known to and permitted for us? ?No one governs innocently?? de Beauvoir (...)
Geopolitics of Energy - September 2010
Opening Up the Arctic Frontier
An Excerpt from Arctic and Antarctic: Two Poles - Different Scores

The Arctic Circle, a part of the world inhospitable to most human (...)
Geopolitics of Energy - December 2010
Opening Up The Arctic Frontier (Part 2)
An Excerpt from Arctic and Antarctic: Two Poles - Different Scores

In the September 2010 Geopolitics of Energy, Anis Bajrektarevic (...)
Geopolitics of Energy - July 2011
What Really Springs in the Arab World?
(Of the Arab Spring and Oil)

It has been more than seven months since street vendor Mohammed Bouazizi set himself alight in a (...)
Geopolitics of Quantum Buddhism: Our Pre-Hydrocarbon Tao Future
No Breakthrough at the Rio+20 Summit
From Rio to Rio with Kyoto, Copenhagen and Durban in between, the conclusion remains the same: we fundamentally disagree on realities of this planet and the ways we can address them.

A (...)
Europe - the letzte Mensch or Übermensch, the new Byzantium or declining Rome
Will the passionately US-pushed cross-Atlantic Free Trade Area push the things over the edge and mark an end of the unionistic Europe? Is the extended EU conflict with Russia actually a beginning of (...)
Asia needs ASEAN-ization not Pakistanization of its continent
Why is (the Korean peninsula and East) Asia unable to capitalize (on) its success
Speculations over the alleged bipolar world of tomorrow (the so-called G-2, China vs. the US), should not be an Asian dilemma. It is primarily a concern of the West that, after all, overheated China (...)
Politico-military, security, legal and socio-economic aspects
In an ever evolving and expanding world, there is a constant quest for both more energy and less external energy dependency. With the fossil fuels bound industry setting an alarming trend of negative (...)
Europe of Sarajevo 100 years later: Was history ever on holiday?
Europe of June 1914 and of June 2014. Hundred years in between, two hot and one cold war. The League of Nations, Cristal Night, Eurosong and Helsinki Decalogue Coco Chanel, VW, Marshall Aid, Tito, (...)