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Groupthink may still be a hazard to your organization
Groupthink is a very popular term used in literature carrying with it very negative connotations. The word is usually used to describe decisions and their resulting disasters. Groupthink is a widely (...)
Integrating the philosophy of Tawhid ? an Islamic approach to organization
World events and media portrayal of Islam over the last few decades has projected negative
images, which are based on a total misunderstanding of Islam and the principles it
Samsara and the Organization
A person?s perception continually ebbs and flows on a daily basis with changes in intelligence, knowledge and understanding, based on the type of emotions one feels and their individual strength, (...)
The Continuum of Psychotic Organisational Typologies
This paper discusses the influence on our perceptions from the basic psychotic disposition of organizations. Cognitive distortion is influenced by the psychotic traits of an organization along a (...)