Schlagwort: Fairness
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A Theory of Fairness, Competition and Cooperation
There is strong evidence that people exploit their bargaining power in competitive markets but not in bilateral bargaining situations. There is also strong evidence that people exploit free-riding (...)
Do High Stakes and Competition Undermine Fairness?
Evidence from Russia
This paper reports the results of a series of competitive labour market experiments in which subjects have the possibility to reciprocate favours. In the high stake condition subjects earned between (...)
Fairness and Incentives in a Multi-Task Principal-Agent Model
This paper reports on a two-task principal-agent experiment in which only one task is contractible. The principal can either offer a piece-rate contract or a (voluntary) bonus to the agent. Bonus (...)
Fairness, Errors and the Power of Competition
One of the most basic questions in economics concerns the effects of competition on market prices. We show that the neglect of both fairness concerns and decision errors prevents a satisfactory (...)
Theories of Fairness and Reciprocity ? Evidence and Economic Applications
Most economic models are based on the self-interest hypothesis that assumes that all people are exclusively motivated by their material self-interest. In recent years experimental economists have (...)
Werteorientiertes Marketing
Werteorientierung steht im Brennpunkt der öffentlichen und wissenschaftlichen
Diskussion. Könnte man denken. Korrespondierende Themen wie Nachhaltigkeit und
gesellschaftliche (...)