Autor: Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Manfred J. Holler
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Compatibility Effects of SET-UP Costs in the Organization of Service Systems
The paper introduces an analysis of production of a system good. The allocation of ownership rights and the set-up costs of system components determine whether the systems are organized through (...)
How to sell power Indices
There is no obvious answer to the question ?which is the best power measure?. This paper suggests that we can develop ?sales arguments? for power indices by looking at the history of the concepts of (...)
On the Regulation of Telecommunications Markets
This paper discusses the theoretical concepts underlying recent developments in the regulation of telecommunications in Europe, the USA and developing countries with respect to efficiency and (...)
Adam Smith's Model of Man and Some of Its Consequences
This papers discusses the relationship of the "model of man" presented by Adam Smith in The Theory of Moral Sentiments (1759) and the assumptions about human behavior which are quintessential for his (...)
Das Wallenstein-Wrangel-Verhandlungsspiel und das Problem der Macht
Dieser Text will beides sein: eine Einführung in spieltheoretisches Denken und eine spieltheoretische Untersuchung von Schillers Wallenstein. Das Drama wird als Spiel beschrieben und in seinen (...)
The Secret Partnership and the Dynamics of Art
The paper analyses the secret collaboration between Bernard Berenson, expert of Italian Renaissance art, and Joseph Duveen, one of the most important art dealers. They were instrumental in bringing (...)
The Zimmermann Telegram: How to Make Use of Secrets?
The paper discusses the problem of how to make use of a secret without publishing the source. The point of the departure is the so-called Zimmermann Telegram which, at least to some extent, motivated (...)
Symposium: Letter to the Queen
Letter to the Queen
aus dem Homo Oeconomicus - Volume 27, Number 3 (...)