Fachbereich: Wirtschaftspsychologie
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How motivation really works
Motives push people to perceive, think and act in specific ways that attempt to satisfy needs. Motives often stay unconscious in a person, as the person doesn?t know exactly what they want, yet these motives remain powerful influence behind thoughts, feelings and behaviors. People differ in their types and strength of motives, taking them on different lifetime journeys with different outcomes. For example, Anita Roddick, the founder of The Body Shop may have been personally committed to the environment,education and social change, while Jack Welch and Bill Gates were more motivated by competition and winning, leading to completely different types of organizations and operational philosophies, while all being considered more than successful. Motivation is also situational where for example one can see the higher rates of entrepreneurship among migrant populations in developed countries. Studying motives can assist in answering the question of ?why people do what they do??
Prof. Dr. Murray Hunter
Motivation, Psychology