Schlagwort: Psychology
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Do we have a creative intelligence?
There is no conclusive agreement about what the concept of intelligence really is. Some concepts of intelligence focused upon achievement, i.e., how much a person really knows relative to others in (...)
How emotions influence how we see the world
Cognition as a discipline has emerged over the last sixty years with the brain as a computer metaphor, leaving the study of emotion to behavioral psychology. But recent research has determined that (...)
How motivation really works
Motives push people to perceive, think and act in specific ways that attempt to satisfy needs. Motives often stay unconscious in a person, as the person doesn?t know exactly what they want, yet these (...)
People tend to start businesses for the wrong reasons
People undertaking strategic analysis or some type of strategic planning to develop ideas and strategies for a new potential business could not be further from the truth. This is part of the textbook (...)
The five types of thinking we use
The human brain has evolved over many millions of years. Our brain cells, neurotransmitters, synapses, and processes are not much different from other animals. However through evolution the brain has (...)
Where do entrepreneurial opportunities come from?
An opportunity is a gap in the market where there is the potential to do something different and create value (Wickham 2004). This represents a potential to serve customers better than they are (...)