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A literature review on entrepreneurship at the Base-of-the-Pyramid: how B2B entrepreneurs make a difference in customer communication and CRM
Entrepreneurial activities provide impoverished individuals with opportunities for participation by means of employment, education, capacity and business building. This literature review focuses on (...)
Financial Planning Software: Einbettung in das CRM
Die Bedeutung des Financial Planning nimmt immer weiter zu. Aufgrund des komplexen Beratungsprozesses ist der Einsatz leistungsfähiger Software unerlässlich. Eine aktuelle Untersuchung zum (...)
Personalization of E-Commerce Applications in SMEs
Conclusions from an Empirical Study in Switzerland
Personalization of e-commerce applications is an issue that is gaining increasing importance with the advancing maturity of such systems. There is already e-commerce software on the market offering (...)