Fachbereich: Wirtschaftspsychologie
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How we create new ideas
Have you ever thought where do our ideas come from? How do we develop entrepreneurial ideas from random concepts in our mind? At the cognitive level our mind is full of mental imagery and other forms of information stored in our memory in the form of schemata. Our schema play a paramount role in our beliefs, values, and how we make sense of the world, influencing the way we think about things and make decisions. Schemata provide a cognitive structure where algorithm-like sequences assist the individual understand events and situations. Schemata also enable an individual construct scenes or vignettes in our mind, which manifest our thoughts, desires, and fantasies. Generally our schemata maintain the rigidity of our belief systems, which enables the individual to maintain their inspirational and behavioral trajectories forming the informational basis of our thinking and decision making. Our schemata forms the basis of what could be called our dominant logic (or what the author likes to call dominant narrative), that encapsulates our identity.
Prof. Dr. Murray Hunter
Development, Ideas, Psychologie