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How we create new ideas
Have you ever thought where do our ideas come from? How do we develop entrepreneurial ideas from random concepts in our mind? At the cognitive level our mind is full of mental imagery and other forms (...)
Imagination may be more important than knowledge: The eight types of imagination we use.
Imagination is the ability to form mental images, phonological passages, analogies, or narratives of something that is not perceived through our senses. Imagination is a manifestation of our memory (...)
Integrating the philosophy of Tawhid ? an Islamic approach to organization
World events and media portrayal of Islam over the last few decades has projected negative
images, which are based on a total misunderstanding of Islam and the principles it
Prävention und Gesundheitsförderung bei Migrantinnen und Migranten
Dieser Artikel beschreibt den aktuellen Stand zum Thema Prävention und Gesundheitsförderung bei Migrantinnen und Migranten. Derzeit haben ca. ein Fünftel der deutschen Bevölkerung (...)