Fachbereich: Wirtschaftsethik
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Perpetual self conflict
Self awareness as a key to our ethical drive, personal mastery, and perception of entrepreneurial opportunities
This paper considers the nexus between the environment, self and reality, and the influence upon ethics, entrepreneurial opportunity, and sustainability. It is postulated that perception and interpretation by individuals creates meaning and that this is regulated by self identity and corresponding levels of awareness. A model of awareness and identity is presented where it is further argued that our ethics, perceptions of opportunity, and views of sustainability are a product upon what level of awareness we are anchored. Finally, this paper postulates that new paradigms of ethics are required to create a sustainable society and that individuals must achieve humility and personal mastery in order to be a creative and effective entrepreneur and leader who will be concerned about ethics and sustainability this century.
Prof. Dr. Murray Hunter
Awareness, Emotions, Ethics, Opportunity, Self identity, Sustainability