Fachbereich: Wirtschaftsethik
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Sustainability by Education: Lessons to Be Learned
The concept of "sustainability" deals with a moral concern. The pursuit of sustainability is

aimed at building a society which is worth living in, now and in times to come. In this, two

dimensions have to be considered: a longitudinal dimension of time spanning several

generations, and a cross-sectional dimension of (world) society covering a broad variety of

areas: the natural foundations of life as well as social cohesion in view of increasingly

individualised lifestyles, and well-being in terms of the availability of material and immaterial

goods. Sustainability, in a comprehensive understanding, organises the continuity conditions

for the prosperity of (world) society: Sustainability calls for adopting a long-term perspective

which considers ecological, social and economic criteria in a balanced manner (three-pillar

approach) and for integrating these criteria in a way to ensure lasting stability in a global

Prof. Dr. Ingo Pies
Alexandra von Winning