Fachbereich: Wirtschaftsethik
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On the road to an economically-sound Ethics of Globalization
We need a change of priorities with regard to the relation of World Ethos and Global Social Contract. Since we cannot base the advancing world economy and the evolving global society on pre-existing common values, we can at least found the modern world on common interests, which may develop into values over time. The term ?World Ethos? does not describe a legacy from the past but a responsibility for the future. The motto is: Through world economy to a global society and through the Global Social Contract to a World Ethos. In order to achieve this goal we do not only need a dialogue of cultures, we also need a dialogue between the social sciences and the humanities. Ethics and economics in particular need to come to a mutual understanding: Economics without ethics is empty, ethics without economics is blind.
Prof. Dr. Ingo Pies
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Globalisierung, Internationale Zusammenarbeit, Wirtschaftsethik