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Australia in the "Asian Century" or is it Lost in Asia?
Australia maintains a delusion of reality China and the US - The Australian dilemma.
The Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard released a long awaited white paper Australia in the Asian Century yesterday, which has been "wowed" by the Australian media. The white paper basically (...)
Demographic and Education Challenges: Where Do We Stand?
In 2008, Chancellor Angela Merkel announced that financial support of the education and research sector is her key policy objective for the next years. She explicitly called for a ?Education Republic (...)
Die Zukunft der Europäischen Währungsunion nicht verspielen
Wird Griechenland die erste Belastungsprobe für die Europäische Währungsunion und die zweite für den Stabilitäts- und Wachstumspakt?
Die Europäische Währungsunion ist aufgrund der Trennung von supranationaler Geldpolitik und nationaler Finanzpolitik ein einzigartiges institutionelles Gebilde. Diese Besonderheit bedingt ein neues (...)
The Crisis of EMU?s Unique Institutional Rules
A special characteristic of the ?Euro-crisis? is the institutional straitjacket of the monetary union. A comparison with highly-indebted G7 member states, such as Japan, the United Kingdom or the (...)
Tricky Decision between Two Evils
Transaction Tax versus UK-Stamp Tax
Since September 2011, the European Commission proposed a transaction tax that aims to make the financial sector pay for state support and guarantees during the financial and economic crisis of 2007 (...)