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The Extended Web Assessment Method (EWAM) applied
Do websites for consumer goods stand the test?
The paper presents an analysis of four commercial Web sites in the consumer goods sectors. The Web sites were evaluated using the Extended Web Assessment Method (EWAM), an evaluation tool which has (...)
Web Assessment - A Model for the Evaluation and Assessment of successful Electronic Commerce Applications
The original reason for the research was triggered by a disappointment felt by the authors when using the Web as research tool and business medium. Many sites feature fancy graphics, well organized (...)
Web Assessment - Measuring the Effectiveness of Electronic Commerce Sites Going Beyond Traditional Marketing Paradigms
Successfully conducting business on the Internet calls for new marketing paradigms that meet the requirements of the unique combination of its inherent characteristics: electronic markets, (...)
Web Assessment: Applied to the Agreement and Settlement Phase
One of the most profound consequences of the ongoing information revolution is its influence on how economic value is created and extracted. The new information infrastructure redefines the (...)