Schlagwort: Unemployment
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Earnings-Related Unemployment Benefits in a Unionised Economy
We show that a stronger earnings relationship of unemployment compensation reduces wages and increases employment in an economy in which wages are determined by a trade union that maximises the rent (...)
Fiscal Policy, Economic Integration and Unemployment
In this paper fiscal policy is examined for an open economy characterised by unemployment due to efficiency wages. We allow for capital and firm mobility in a model where the government chooses the (...)
Ökonomische Aspekte der Wahlbeteiligung ? Das Beispiel Baden-Württemberg
2016 stehen gleich in fünf Bundesländern Landtagswahlen an. Den Anfang macht am 13. März unter anderem Baden-Württemberg. Neben dem eigentlichen Wahlergebnis wird dabei auch wieder die (...)
Value-added Tax versus Social Security Contributions
In order to alleviate unemployment it is often recommended to reduce social security contributions (SSC) and to compensate for the ensuing loss in revenues by a rise in the value-added tax (VAT). (...)