Schlagwort: Sovereign Debts
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Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth
Analysing Donors' Aid Statistics
Claiming that its definition of Official Development Assistance (ODA) has remained unchanged, the OECD concedes changes in interpretation ?broadening? the concept's scope. Breaks in continuity, (...)
Measuring the Real Debt Burden: Proposing a New Debt Indicator
In order to assess the problem of a debt overhang more appropriately, a new debt indicator is proposed that solves the ambiguity of traditional debt indicators. Debt service Ratios and Interest (...)
Preferred or Not Preferred: Thoughts on Priority Structures of Creditors
Adapting domestic insolvency procedures to sovereign states one must tackle the question whether some form of creditor differentiation, such as creditor classes, should exist internationally. (...)
The Final Demise of Unfair Debtor Discrimination?
Comments on Ms Krueger's Speeches
Krueger?s proposal to "mimick" domestic insolvency laws marked the abrupt end of the IMF?s fierce opposition against sovereign insolvency. It was a full U-turn regarding the Fund?s views on sovereign (...)
The Present State of the Discussion on Restructuring Sovereign Debts: Which Specific Sovereign Insolvency Procedure?
The paper discusses the four proposals presently on the table: Collective Action Clauses, a voluntary Code of Good Conduct for debt re-negotiation, and two models of sovereign insolvency: the IMF?s (...)