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Finite Sample Power of Cliff-Ord-Type Tests for Spatial Disturbance Correlation in Linear Regression
The paper considers tests against autocorrelation among the disturbances in linear regression models that can be expressed as ratios of quadratic forms. It shows that such tests are in general not (...)
How to sell power Indices
There is no obvious answer to the question ?which is the best power measure?. This paper suggests that we can develop ?sales arguments? for power indices by looking at the history of the concepts of (...)
Managerial Power and Compensation
According to the widely used Managerial Power Model, a higher hierarchical position with associated higher power leads to higher compensation. In contrast, the Compensating Wage Differentials Model (...)
Outcome, Process & Power in Direct Democracy
Based on survey data for Switzerland, new empirical findings on direct democracy are presented. In the first part, we show that, on average, public employees receive lower financial compensation (...)
The Power of the KPSS?Test for Cointegration when Residuals are Fractionally Integrated
We show that the power of the KPSS-test against integration, as measured by divergence rates of the test statistic under the alternative, remains the same when residuals from an OLS-regression rather (...)