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Integrating the philosophy of Tawhid ? an Islamic approach to organization
World events and media portrayal of Islam over the last few decades has projected negative
images, which are based on a total misunderstanding of Islam and the principles it
Knowledge, Understanding and the God Paradigm
The existence or non-existence of God has become an exercise in semantics. On one side we have the theologians espousing ?God? as the designer/creator of the universe and on the other side people (...)
One Man, Multiple Inventions: The lessons and legacies of Thomas Edison
Looking at entrepreneurship & innovation through biographies

There are so many different interactive forces impacting upon both the individual and the environment that (...)
Samsara and the Organization
A person?s perception continually ebbs and flows on a daily basis with changes in intelligence, knowledge and understanding, based on the type of emotions one feels and their individual strength, (...)