Schlagwort: Knowledge Management
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Die Ressource Managementbildung
Das Ziel dieses Artikels ist es, die Grundlagen der Ressource Managementbildung darzulegen und ihre Bedeutung für einen Wettbewerbwerbsvorteil herauszuarbeiten. Da Systeme tieferer Ebene schneller (...)
Human Resources Management and Knowledge Creation
Recently, Peter Drucker stated that less than one fifth of the workforce nowadays are bluecollar workers doing manual work, while white-collar workers doing knowledge work make up two fifths of the (...)
The E-Business Navigator: Implementing a Classification Scheme for the E-Domain
The paper describes research activity for the development of the "e-business navigator" ? a graphical representation of a classification scheme for the e-business domain. The need for a common (...)
The NetAcademy - A New Concept for Online Publishing and Knowledge Management
Traditional media have concepts to ensure quality of information they carry, while new media make information ubiquitious. The NetAcademy project constitutes a new medium for knowledge accumulation (...)
The NetAcademy - A Novel Approach to Domain-specific Scientific Knowledge Accumulation, Dissemination and Review
Over the last decade the speed at which knowledge is generated has greatly accelerated, thus exacerbating the problem of finding the right information at the right time and posing new kinds of (...)