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Entrepreneurial Marketing in the Last Decade ? A Literature Review
Marketing and Entrepreneurship research streams have flourished in the last decade. Their intersection ?entrepreneurial marketing? however, is still in its infancy and the link between these (...)
Entrepreneurship is just a stage in the enterprise lifecycle
Most new businesses commence with someone seeing an opportunity and developing the resulting idea into a visualized product, service, or event in the future. This is the result of perception, an (...)
Evaluating Entrepreneurial Opportunities: What?s wrong with SWOT?
SWOT analysis is one of the most commonly used strategic planning tools around the world. However SWOT?s origins are unclear and ambiguous. The SWOT analysis is believed to have been developed by (...)
Groupthink may still be a hazard to your organization
Groupthink is a very popular term used in literature carrying with it very negative connotations. The word is usually used to describe decisions and their resulting disasters. Groupthink is a widely (...)
One Man, Multiple Inventions: The lessons and legacies of Thomas Edison
Looking at entrepreneurship & innovation through biographies

There are so many different interactive forces impacting upon both the individual and the environment that (...)
There is no such person as an entrepreneur
Over the years a large number of personality traits have been explored and reported upon. Early work by McClelland in the 1960s postulated that the key to entrepreneurial behavior was the need for (...)
Where do entrepreneurial opportunities come from?
An opportunity is a gap in the market where there is the potential to do something different and create value (Wickham 2004). This represents a potential to serve customers better than they are (...)