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Asia needs ASEAN-ization not Pakistanization of its continent
Why is (the Korean peninsula and East) Asia unable to capitalize (on) its success
Speculations over the alleged bipolar world of tomorrow (the so-called G-2, China vs. the US), should not be an Asian dilemma. It is primarily a concern of the West that, after all, overheated China (...)
Australia in the "Asian Century" or is it Lost in Asia?
Australia maintains a delusion of reality China and the US - The Australian dilemma.
The Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard released a long awaited white paper Australia in the Asian Century yesterday, which has been "wowed" by the Australian media. The white paper basically (...)
Do Confucian Principled Businesses Exist in Asia?
Confucius was born with the name K?ung Ch?iu in the Lũ Kingdom of China in 551 BC, and was in later life called K?ung Fu-Tzu (Master Kung) by his followers. He is probably the most famous (...)
Geopolitics of Technology and the Hydrocarbon Status Quo
Why does the Kyoto mechanism fail again? Is oil more than energy? Is this a construct that architectures the world currently known to and permitted for us? ?No one governs innocently?? de Beauvoir (...)
The SMRT Labour Dispute: Symptoms of a dirty business
Corporate greed, old authoritarian hangovers, and demographic changes in the foreign labour industry
Late last month 171 Chinese national bus drivers who were employed by the Singapore Government controlled bus and underground railway company SMRT took industrial action by staging a two day walkout. (...)