Fachrichtung: Wirtschaftsgeschichte
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Europe of Sarajevo 100 years later: Was history ever on holiday?
Europe of June 1914 and of June 2014. Hundred years in between, two hot and one cold war. The League of Nations, Cristal Night, Eurosong and Helsinki Decalogue Coco Chanel, VW, Marshall Aid, Tito, (...)
From Europe, to the US, Japan, and onto China
The evolution of the automobile
The pre-automobile era

Even though the railways existed in Britain, Europe, and America by the late 1880s, most road transport was still undertaken by house and carriage. There (...)
How feudalism hinders community transformation and economic evolution
Isn?t equal opportunity a basic human right?
The Olympic Opening Ceremony last Friday night was a spectacular extraordinaire under the direction of Danny Boyle of ?Slumdog Millionaire? fame. One of the highlights of the ceremony was a showcase (...)
Lessons from the Invention of the airplane and the Beginning of the Aviation Era
No other concept had been dreamed about more than the ability of man to undertake powered flight. Ever since the Greek Mythology of Icarus and Daedalus, man has been on a great quest to discover the (...)
The Arrival of Petroleum, Rockefeller, and the Lessons He taught Us
Before the arrival of petroleum there were a number of different fuels that could be used for light and power. Coal became an important fuel in industry for steam engines, but houses still cooked (...)
The Evolution of Business Strategy
Before the 1960s, strategy was referred to as ?generalship?, ?the art of war? and being concerned about managing army campaigns. Strategy was first used in the conduct of business in the early 1960s (...)
Wirtschaft:Grundlagen, Geschichte, Perspektiven. Eine lexikalische Skizze
Auch erschienen in Grundrisse : Zeitschrift für linke Theorie & Debatte, 36 (2010)
Der Begriff der Wirtschaft wird in idealistischer Denktradition als Entscheidungskalkül im Hinblick auf Knappheiten definiert. Aber menschliche Gesellschaften reproduzieren sich durch Arbeit, die auf (...)