Autor: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Bruno S. Frey
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History as Reflected in Capital Markets: The Case of World War II
Historical events are reflected in asset prices. Looking at government bond prices of five European countries traded on the Swiss stock exchange during WWII provides a useful way of interpreting the (...)
Was bewirkt die Volkswirtschaftslehre?
Due to its formality and highly analytic thinking, economics is often attributed a leading role among the social sciences and a prominent position as contributor to economic or social issues in the (...)
Outcome, Process & Power in Direct Democracy
Based on survey data for Switzerland, new empirical findings on direct democracy are presented. In the first part, we show that, on average, public employees receive lower financial compensation (...)
Managerial Power and Compensation
According to the widely used Managerial Power Model, a higher hierarchical position with associated higher power leads to higher compensation. In contrast, the Compensating Wage Differentials Model (...)