Autor: Prof. Dr. Ralf Wagner
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Big Data Analytics and Firm Performance: A Systematic Review
How Digitalization Changes the Internationalization of Entrepreneurial Firms: Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Evidence
Luxury brands do not glitter equally for everyone
Cross-Cultural Variations in Consumer Behavior: A Literature Review of International Studies
A Comprehensive Look at Luxury Brand Marketing Research from 2000 to 2016: A Bibliometric Study and Content Analysis
How Indian home-grown businesses outsmart the MNCs
Common and Contradictory Motivations in Buying Intentions for Green and Luxury Automobiles
Shared experiences and awareness from learning in a student multicultural environment: Measuring skills? development in intercultural intensive programs
Big Data Analytics and Firm Performance: A Systematic Review
Putting sustainable supply chain management into base of the pyramid research
Intimacy of Russian Upper Middle Class with Luxury Fashion
Linking Entrepreneurial Orientation to Firm Performance in a Post-Socialist Market Context: the Case of Hungary
Green supply chain management in food retailing: survey-based evidence in Croatia
Cultural adaption of hypermedia: A contemporary state of the art of industrial practice and improvements by multi-trees
The Impact of Perceived Innovativeness on Maintaining a Buyer-Seller Relationship in Health Care Markets: A Cross-Cultural Study
Impact of Direct Marketing Activities on Company Reputation Transfer Success: Empirical Evidence from Five Different Cultures
Impact of Direct Marketing Activities on Company Reputation Transfer Success: Empirical Evidence from Five Different Cultures
Identifying Patterns of Customer Response to Price Endings
Contemporary Marketing Practices in Russia. European Journal of Marketing
An Internet-Based Approach to Environmental Scanning in Marketing Planning
Remarks on the behavioristic analysis of competitive reactions
Post-crises response strategies: a combined model to manage brand crises
A literature review on entrepreneurship at the Base-of-the-Pyramid: how B2B entrepreneurs make a difference in customer communication and CRM
Co-creation of value in the digital age: disruption management in B2B and B2G relationships
Green luxury: new divide in positioning strategies needed?
How digitalization changes the internationalization of entrepreneurial firms: theoretical considerations and empirical evidence
Outsmarting the MNCs by fitting strategic manoeuvres to national framing: evidence from India
Linking entrepreneurial orientation to firm performance in a post-socialist market context: the case of Hungary
The Acceptance of Mobility Payments in the German Retail Market
Entrepreneurial Marketing in the Last Decade ? A Literature Review
Symbolic consumption of luxury: An Example of luxury fashion goods in Russia
Emotionen im crossmedialen Dialog: Messen ? Steuern ? Kontrollieren
Gaining ?Consumer Insights? from Influential Actors in Weblog Networks
Targeting Key Influentials for Direct Marketing Activities in Social Networks: Methodical Progress and an Application
Classification in Marketing Science
Marketing Communication to and with Net Citizens: Targeting by Means of a Social Network Analysis Approach
Exploring the Interaction Structure of Weblogs
Event Detection in Environmental Scanning
Impact of Direct Marketing Activities on Company Reputation Transfer Success: Empirical Evidence from Five Different Cultures
Classifying Contemporary Marketing Practices
Mining Promising Qualification Patterns
Patterns of Associations in Finite Sets of Items
Growing Clustering Algorithms in Market Segmentation: Defining Target Groups and Related Marketing Communication
Remarks on the Behavioristic Analysis of Competitive Reactions
Is your perception of luxury similar to mine? A concept made of absolute and relative features
The Internet of Things ? Chance and challenge in industrial business relationships
Direktmarketing in Russland: Der Schlüssel zu den russischen Wachstumsmärkten?
Einführung in das Marketing
Marketingrelevante Grundlagen der Entscheidungstheorie
Enhancing Target Group Selection Using Belief Functions
Unternehmen als Akteure und Objekte des Dialogs
Strategisches Marketing
The Number of Clusters in Market Segmentation
Modeling and Measuring of Competitive Reactions to Changes of Marketing Mix at the Retail Level
Report for Chambers of Commerce and Start-up Centres
Countering Negotiation Power Asymmetries with the Adjusted Winner Algorithm?
Environmental Scanning in Marketing Planning - An Internet-Based Approach
Mining Promising Qualification Patterns