Fachbereich: Wirtschaftspsychologie
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Integrating the philosophy of Tawhid ? an Islamic approach to organization
World events and media portrayal of Islam over the last few decades has projected negative

images, which are based on a total misunderstanding of Islam and the principles it

encompasses. Predominantly, Islam through many eyes is seen as a homogenous view of

the world, where many elements of the media have stereotyped it as an extreme religion.

This situation has not been assisted by the lack of published academic and intellectual

thought, which could assist in developing more balanced views about what the principles of

Islam stand for. The focus of most published works on Islamic economics and business has

been in the domains of finance and morals, which leads most to the conclusion that Islam

has little to contribute in the theories of economics and business.
Prof. Dr. Murray Hunter
Islam, Organization, Philosophy, Psychologie, Tawhid