Fachbereich: Wirtschaftspsychologie
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How emotions influence how we see the world
Cognition as a discipline has emerged over the last sixty years with the brain as a computer metaphor, leaving the study of emotion to behavioral psychology. But recent research has determined that our cognitive processing has an emotional element, and is paramount for effective functioning. Our thinking and decision making is influenced by two distinct, yet interwoven processes. One involves conscious deliberation and analysis through the prefrontal cortex where facts are considered and weighed, options generated and compared with reasoning to determine an outcome. The second system is non-conscious rapid emoto-based pattern recognition with emotionally weighted biases. Emotion triggers memories, and perceptions, and memories also trigger emotionswhich define the nature of our existence relative to the past and future, and our sense of power over any situation.
Prof. Dr. Murray Hunter
Emotions, Orientation, Psychology