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Hold-up in Ventures for Technology Transfer
Entrepreneurs and Investors found ventures for transferring technology and bringing it closer to the market. Focussing on a situation in which the investor exercises hold-up at the disadvantage of the entrepreneur, this paper works on three points: We iedntify (1) conditions which make hold-up possible, and discuss (2) measures which help entrepreneurs to protect themselves against hold-up. (3) The balance of powers in a venture is related to returns to scale. Overall, the paper contributes to the theory of small-seized firms which are exposed to high uncertainties including behavioural opportunism.
Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Klaus Spremann
2017BetriebswirtschaftslehreInnovations- und Technologiemanagement
Informationsasymmetrie, Hold-Up, Venture Capital, Technologietransfer