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Targeting Key Influentials for Direct Marketing Activities in Social Networks: Methodical Progress and an Application
Social networks and virtual communities provide credible information about customers?
opinions and facilitate innovative customer dialogues. We build upon Kosinets? netnography
to extract consumer insights from such services. To cope with the overwhelming amount of
data recorded by these services, we combine netnography with innovative social network
analysis (SNA). We propose a new criterion to assess the number of influentials which should
be involved in communication measures or monitored to assess consumers? perceptions.
Various previous attempts to utilize particular facets of networks or communities for direct
marketing have lacked a suitable management framework to guide practitioners. Addressing
this gap, we introduce a management cycle of gathering insights and implementing activities.
Prof. Dr. Ralf Wagner
Martin Klaus, Jörg Schwerdtfeger
Online community, social network analysis, wird-of-month communication