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Fashion marketing: Theoretical Analysis and successful practical applications
The purpose of this essay is to provide a better insight into relevant marketing activities and techniques that are undertaken within the dynamic environment of the fashion industry. While offline marketing still constitutes a well-established communication strategy for fashion companies, online marketing is steadily on the rise providing innovative but principally more inexpensive approaches to effectively market the business to defined target groups. Strategic measures range from trend research and brand analysis, to rather operational activities like fashion shows, designer collaborations and viral marketing via social media platforms. The opportunities seem manifold and companies like Victoria?s Secret and Michael Kors have successfully exploited them to effectively promote their brand and products in such a way that it significantly boosts sales and the companies? awareness.
Prof. Dr. Christiane Beyerhaus
Lisa Gockeln
Designer collaboration, E-Commerce, Fashion Industry, Fashion Marketing, Fashion show, Fast-changing customer needs, Online marketing, Personal shopper, Social Media, Trend research